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Terms & Conditions

Full payment (minus the deposit fee) is required upon drop off at the cattery.


There is a minimum charge of £30 for any stay.


A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of £30 is required to secure your booking.


Drop off and collection days are charged as full days.


There are no discounts for early collections or shortening the original period booked.


14 days’ notice of cancellation is required otherwise the full boarding fee must be paid.


Cats must be fully vaccinated against feline enteritis and feline influenza.


Admission will be refused to any cat Burlish Cattery believes to be unvaccinated or without full protection.


Should admission be refused for any reason, the full period booked must be paid for.    


Cats must be treated for fleas and worms before arrival with effective products. Flea collars are not accepted as suitable flea control. 


Any expenses Burlish Cattery incurs through parasite treatment must be paid in full upon departure. 


Any cat suspected to be suffering from infectious/contagious illnesses or showing signs of ill health will be refused admission pending advice from a veterinary surgeon that boarding is permissible.


Burlish Cattery will contact our own vet in the first instance of ill health.


Veterinary expenses not covered by Burlish Cattery’s own insurance must be paid in full upon departure.


All medical conditions and/or behavioural concerns must be disclosed on the Booking Form.


Burlish Cattery reserves the right to separate cats from the same household who become aggressive. Any extra boarding expenses incurred through separation must be paid in full upon departure.


No discount is offered for food or items brought from home.


Burlish Cattery does not accept responsibility should damage occur to items brought from home.


Burlish Cattery does not accept responsibility for the outcome if we are unable to administer medication to aggressive cats. If medication cannot be administered we will attempt to contact the owner (or the owner’s emergency contact person) and/or a veterinary surgeon for advice. Any expenses incurred to Burlish Cattery must be paid in full upon departure.


Whilst every precaution will be taken, Burlish Cattery cannot be held liable for illness, injury or death of any cat in our care.


Entry into the cattery is at your own risk. Children must be kept under control at all times.


A decision to rehome any cat not collected within 3 days of the departure date, and where no communication is received from the owner, will be made at Burlish Cattery's discretion.

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