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About Us
About Us

All our suites have a lovely view of our garden and the wildlife it attracts. Because we're small and intimate we're able to really get to know our guests and ensure time spent with us is as happy and stress-free as possible. We cater exclusively for cats and don't have any other animals at our property. This is especially beneficial for cats who prefer a tranquil and relaxed setting.


Unlike a pet sitting service who will normally visit your cat just once or twice a day, we live on the premises and are able to provide human company and health observations throughout the day. We offer peace of mind that your cat is safe, warm, well cared for and unable to roam the streets while you are away.   


Each suite can accommodate up to two cats (some have an interconnecting door allowing up to four cats) from the same family to be accommodated together. All our sleeping compartments are insulated and have a thermostatically controlled heating panel for the chillier months. During warmer weather our outer cattery shutters can be removed to create an outdoor ambience whilst still maintaining full security.


Our cat accommodation suites are purpose-built by the UK's premier cattery manufacturer Lindee Lu Ltd and approved by International Cat Care. We are fully licenced by Wyre Forest District Council (Licence No. 23/01050/ANIACT), rated 5 stars and commercially insured. 

Our facilities include:

  • A beautiful view of our garden from every suite

  • Solid, full-height sneeze barriers between suites 

  • A thermostatically controlled heating panel in every sleeping compartment

  • Air conditioning 

  • Raised sleeping areas 

  • A security corridor 

  • A selection of cat toys and scratching posts 

  • Multi-level climbing platforms 

  • Self-heating fleecy mats and heat pads in winter 

  • Freshly washed bedding and baskets 

  • A security alarm system on our cattery building



IMPORTANT: Your cat must have the correct up-to-date vaccinations for feline enteritis and feline influenza. We will ask to see your Vaccination Record Card before confirming your booking (a clear photo or scan sent to us by email is acceptable) so that we can check your cat is safe to board. Please remember to bring your Vaccination Record Card with you on arrival day so that we can retain it for the duration of your cat's stay. If you're unsure what your cat needs, please see the information on our 'Vaccination guide' page or contact us for advice. 



You're welcome to bring familiar toys or bedding from home but everything can be provided by us and is included in our prices. Just ensure items brought from home are clean and not too large. For safety reasons we ask that cat collars are removed.


Veterinary Care

We'll ask you to sign a consent form giving us permission to seek veterinary assistance should it be considered necessary. It's vitally important you inform us of any existing or past medical conditions so we can quickly recognise signs of illness and act upon them.

Our own veterinary practice is Vets4Pets, 409B Stourport Road,  Kidderminster, DY11 7BG.


Flea & Worm Treatments


Your cat must be treated with effective flea and worm products before boarding commences. Vet prescribed treatments are proven to be far more effective than shop-bought products so we very strongly advise these are used.

Please note: flea collars are not accepted as suitable flea control. 


Meals and Medicines


A range of well-known foods are available and included in our prices. If your cat does not normally eat any of the foods we stock or if you feed a vet prescribed / specialist diet, you will be asked to provide this at your own expense (rest assured it will be used exclusively for your cat and any surplus will be returned to you at the end of your cat's stay). 


We strongly recommend you keep your cat on its usual food as any sudden change of diet can cause stress, depression, diarrhoea and weight loss leading to a visit to the vet.  


The foods we provide are:

Dry Food

  • Whiskas 1+ Years Complete Dry Biscuits

  • Go Cat 1+ Years Complete Dry Biscuits

Wet Food

  • Whiskas 1+ Years Pouches in Jelly

  • Felix 1+ Years Pouches in Jelly

  • Sheba Fine Flakes Pouches in Jelly

Please note: Our Whiskas and Felix pouches are from the 'standard' ranges. We do not provide food from Pure Delight, As Good As It Looks or Doubly Delicious ranges.

If your cat requires medication please bring it with you in the original packaging and don't forget to provide sufficient quantity to cover the period of boarding. We'll return any surplus to you at the end of boarding.

Thorough and Meticulous Cleaning Routines


We meticulously deep clean your cat's suite before your arrival. All our litter trays, bowls, bedding, toys and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between each guest to ensure your cat is always in a clean, safe environment.

Other Information

We do not board un-neutered/un-spayed cats over the age of 5 months, diabetic cats or cats who currently have cat 'flu. Nor do we administer injectable medication.

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